Heart of Tea World Cup Fever!

We can’t deny it, all of us over here at Heart of Tea have some serious World Cup fever!  All of us that work for the brand are fans of teams all over the globe.  European, Australian, South American, all the way up to our home town favorites, USA! USA! USA!

Of course our time is consumed with selling NYC’s best iced tea, but it can’t be all work and no play!  We here at Heart of Tea have enjoyed some great mid day games, (even while stuck in traffic on the L.I.E!).  Unfortunately some of our favorite teams are basically eliminated, but one team is looking strong, the good ol’ Red, White, and Blue!

Monday we had a blast watching USA beat Ghana.  What a great game!  We decided to carry that fun over the next day and see if fans wanted to celebrate with us while drinking some Heart of Tea.  There was a catch though, you had to finish your Heart of Tea faster than Clint Dempsey scored the first goal of the game, 32 seconds!!  Fortunately it was a hot enough day to drink an endless supply of NYC’s best iced tea.

Check out the video we made, capturing fans of Heart of Tea and team USA trying to down their drink faster than Dempsey’s goal!

It was so much fun shooting this, and thank you to all who participated at Washington Square park.  We’re looking forward to more fun during the World Cup.  Share with us your photos of enjoying Heart of Tea during the big games on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Also share with us who you think is winning the WHOLE thing.  Could it be team USA?  Let us know here at Heart of Tea if you’re suffering from Heart of Tea World Cup Fever as well ;)

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