Heart of Tea Summer Wrap Up

It’s that time where we here at Heart of Tea have to wrap up the summer of 2014.  We know it’s officially been gone for some time now, but we kept our hopes up and could feel it holding on with a few late heat waves.  I think we can mark it official now, with the air beginning to crop and leaves beginning to change.

We’ve come a long way since the start of the spring, and we know everyone out there has noticed.  We want to thank our our fans out there who make it possible for NYC’s best iced to be on so many shelves!  Because of everyone’s support this past season, it made it possible to share your favorite iced tea with the Tri-state area, Southern California, and the North West.  Not too bad from a few stores last year below 14th St.

We had so much fun meeting so many of you in the parks, on the streets, and in stores!  We just had to share some of our favorite moments of the season with you guys.



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Again, thank you to all of the Heart of Tea fans out there!  We couldn’t do all of this without you.  You are the ones that make this possible and bring our brand to life.  Just because it’s the end of the summer, doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying NYC’s best iced tea.  Now when you’re out enjoying your favorite fall activities out in Long Island, NJ, or the Hudson Valley, you can count on finding Heart of Tea on some great major retail shelves like Whole Foods, Fairway, and Shop Rite!

As for our Southern California friends, no need to declare it end of any season there.. Summer all of the time!  Keep up the love on social media guys.  We love seeing all of you out there enjoying Heart of Tea on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.. Every post you make, makes our day!

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