Enjoying the Startup of Heart of Tea

People always ask, after their initial questions about our amazing tea, “How are we enjoying being a startup company?”, or “What are the biggest challenges?”.  People are fascinated with the startup aspect of business, and we feel everyone wants to hear an underdog story.  There are so many people out there with a passion and something they believe in, and maybe just need that little push to get them to follow through with their business venture. Well us here at Heart of Tea are enjoying every second of our startup stage, and thought we would share a little behind the scenes of the startup of Heart of Tea.


Our team of 3 may not be huge, but we aren’t afraid of rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty.  It’s all about the commitment and belief in what you’re doing for us.  It’s flattering to reactions when someones notices what we’ve accomplished and then realize its a team of 3.  There’s challenges presenting themselves everyday, and any business should expect that.  You have to really be ready for anything as a company, and we have a flexible team willing to take on the task.  We’re proud as a startup company, but we know we have a LOT more to achieve, and moving forward is the only direction we know.


It’s amazing, even after a few years into it, you still fall under the startup umbrella.  Pushing NYC’s best iced tea definitely has it’s challenges, but seeing the reaction of someones first sip of Heart of Tea always makes it worth it.  Oh, and we can’t forget about a devoted fans of the brand and product.  We love seeing all the posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and even the occasional shout as we drive by in the Heart of Tea truck, mentioning how much you guys love the tea.  It’s our favorite part of the job, so keep it coming!


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