A Makeover for an All Time Classic Tea

This week was a huge one for Heart of Tea.  We’ve celebrated temperatures finally reaching 60 degrees, we conquered the NYC Coffee & Tea Festival, and we said goodbye to the old face of our Victorian tea. NYC’s best iced tea is giving one of their teas a makeover, but no need to fret Victorian […]

Amazing Art Week in NYC

The weather in the city has been pretty temperamental lately, with snow boots one day and sandals the next!  With the spring around the corner, you would think all we have time for is making NYC’s best iced tea, but we also need to take a step back form our work at times and enjoy […]

Best things to do in NYC this winter…

I think that cabin fever may be the easiest thing to catch for New Yorkers during the winter, especially winter 2014!  Temperatures in the low 30′s, grey skies, inches of snow followed by days of rain, it’s all enough to keep anyone hiding inside for the season.  New York City’s best iced tea wants to […]

Hercules vs. NYC

          How’s everyone holding up in NYC? Like everyone else, we’ve stopped working and decided to play in the snow!  Headed straight up to the roof once the sun came out, and brought NYC’s best iced tea with us. Check out some of the photos of us chilling our teas the […]

How to Explore “Old New York” in DUMBO

Old New York, or at least our preferred fantasy of old New York, can be found Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, in Brooklyn’s DUMBO.   Heart of Tea’s fantasy of old New York is cobblestoned, quiet.  There is a carousel.  There are corner pubs and soupy pizza by the pie.  You have to walk […]

Pictures of New York City in Summer, 2013

Pictures of New York City in summer, as shot by the folks who see it sharpest, the locals.  #LocalPhoto   It’s an unconventional take, this collection.  To clarify: these photos are not unconventional in and of themselves, though these locals do have an eye for the artful.  Rather, they’re unconventional within the context of “Pictures […]

Get to Know: HoT’s Instagrammer in Residence

It’s been a real pleasure getting to know our Instagrammer in Residence, Jackii.  She’s the first recipient of Heart of Tea’s Creative Fund–our way of helping NYC’s budding creatives further their art and art projects–and we must say, we couldn’t be more thrilled with her work.  But, it dawned on us, while we’ve been able to […]

Pictures of New York City in Spring

Pictures of New York City in spring–it’s an obsession.   Not unlike our iced tea obsession.  (A healthy iced tea obsession, mind you.)  And if you follow us on facebook, you know–we’re as drawn to sweet tea (and other #SweetTeaAddicts) as we are to photographs of NYC.  In spring and summer, in fall and winter. […]

A New York City Sunset

This is the way the sun sets in New York City.  This is your typical, everyday, New York City Sunset.  This is where Heart of Tea lives.  In the golden place.     “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” ― Tom Wolfe