Enjoying the Startup of Heart of Tea

People always ask, after their initial questions about our amazing tea, “How are we enjoying being a startup company?”, or “What are the biggest challenges?”.  People are fascinated with the startup aspect of business, and we feel everyone wants to hear an underdog story.  There are so many people out there with a passion and […]

Heart of Tea Summer Wrap Up

It’s that time where we here at Heart of Tea have to wrap up the summer of 2014.  We know it’s officially been gone for some time now, but we kept our hopes up and could feel it holding on with a few late heat waves.  I think we can mark it official now, with […]

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NYC Picnic Essentials by Heart of Tea

Now that Labor Day is right around the corner, the weather in NYC will be perfect for a picnic in the park! One of the greatest aspects of the city is its beautiful parks that break up the concrete and skyscrapers. We here at Heart of Tea would like to share with your our essentials […]

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Hot Summer of H.o.T NYC Festivals

It’s finally summer, which means there are countless events going on in NYC! Clear your calendars and make some time for the awesome festivals coming up. Here are the top NYC festivals Heart of Tea lists to do this H.o.T summer! The 4th Annual Village Voice 4Knots Music Festival will take place on July 12th (rain or […]

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Heart of Tea World Cup Fever!

We can’t deny it, all of us over here at Heart of Tea have some serious World Cup fever!  All of us that work for the brand are fans of teams all over the globe.  European, Australian, South American, all the way up to our home town favorites, USA! USA! USA! Of course our time […]