Heart of Tea Summer Wrap Up

It’s that time where we here at Heart of Tea have to wrap up the summer of 2014.  We know it’s officially been gone for some time now, but we kept our hopes up and could feel it holding on with a few late heat waves.  I think we can mark it official now, with […]

Amazing Art Week in NYC

The weather in the city has been pretty temperamental lately, with snow boots one day and sandals the next!  With the spring around the corner, you would think all we have time for is making NYC’s best iced tea, but we also need to take a step back form our work at times and enjoy […]

Best things to do in NYC this winter…

I think that cabin fever may be the easiest thing to catch for New Yorkers during the winter, especially winter 2014!  Temperatures in the low 30′s, grey skies, inches of snow followed by days of rain, it’s all enough to keep anyone hiding inside for the season.  New York City’s best iced tea wants to […]

NYC’s Iced Tea Instagram Adoration

NYC’s iced tea Instagram adoration is on the rise (#IcedTea, what what?).   Yes, friends, we feel the love.  And we thank you for it.  Thank you. It’s not the work of our instagrammer in residence to which we’re referring, though you do seem to heart her as much as we heart her.  Nope, it’s the […]

Heart of Tribeca

Heart of Tea in the heart of Tribeca.     Happy Easter Weekend, all!  Why not start your huntin (Easter egg, peach tea) early?   Come and find us in the heart of Tribeca.   We’ll treat you to an iced tea (or two or three or case full).  Walk the cobblestone streets, explore the […]

Contest: Sweet Tea in NYC — Exploring Downtown

Sweet Tea in NYC, anyone?   We’re practically dying to share some of ours, especially with fellow observant New Yorkers.  Fellow New York explorers.  Thus, we’ve launched a friendly little contest to start your first spring weekend off right!  Warning: this is going to require some walking.  Best to grab a peach tea for the […]