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Best NYC Parks for this H.o.T Spring/Summer

Spring is finally here and you know what that means. That means that it’s time for lying in the park, eating a picnic on the grass, and drinking NYC’s best iced tea!  So in honor of the beautiful month of May, we’re going to share with you the best NYC parks for this H.o.T Spring/Summer! […]

The Best Iced Tea, Period

Call ‘em like we see ‘em — Heart of Tea’s got the best iced tea on the block. Did we say “block”?  We meant the best iced tea, period. We know that you know that Heart of Tea has finally brought real iced tea to NYC.  We know you know because you’ve told us–on twitter and facebook. […]

In Defense of Union Square

Union Square deserves defending. Heart of Tea’s book of #real NYC pictures (as shot by the inspired Jackii Sovern) is currently at the printing press, and perhaps it is this final stage of production that has us in something of a nostalgic mood. We’ve been staring at pictures of New York City for weeks on […]

Pictures of New York City in Summer, 2013

Pictures of New York City in summer, as shot by the folks who see it sharpest, the locals.  #LocalPhoto   It’s an unconventional take, this collection.  To clarify: these photos are not unconventional in and of themselves, though these locals do have an eye for the artful.  Rather, they’re unconventional within the context of “Pictures […]

Iced Tea in Brooklyn — Bboy Style

Brooklyn’s best breakdancers deserve the best iced tea in Brooklyn.  Enter, Heart of Tea.   Not to brag, but we did something magnificent with our final weekend in August.  Mind-blowingly good.  We drank lemon iced tea and had a hell of a time at the Lucky 7 Bboy Battle in Brooklyn.   Usually, you’ve gotta […]

Where to Buy Heart of Tea

If you frequent our blog, you know well where to buy Heart of Tea.  If you’re new here, bookmark this page.   We basically hold a twitter parade every time we add a New York shopping institution to our list of stockists–and why shouldn’t we?  We’re proud to be a part of the Duane Reade family, found […]

NYC’s Iced Tea Instagram Adoration

NYC’s iced tea Instagram adoration is on the rise (#IcedTea, what what?).   Yes, friends, we feel the love.  And we thank you for it.  Thank you. It’s not the work of our instagrammer in residence to which we’re referring, though you do seem to heart her as much as we heart her.  Nope, it’s the […]

NYC’s Local Iced Tea Takeover

NYC’s local iced tea scene just got real.   If you follow us on twitter or facebook, then you already know what we’re referring to, but this news is so nice we’ve simply got to share it twice–Heart of Tea is officially available at NYC’s Duane Reade drugstores!  The quintessential NYC pharmacy.     Our […]

Cool New York Brand, Heart of Tea, will keep you literally cool.
Cool New York Brand: Heart of Tea

It’s not hubris, calling Heart of Tea a cool New York brand.  We make New York City’s best local iced tea, after all.  As in: we all about NYC and are literally cool.  Served chilled.  Refrigerated.  Intended to lower your body temperature and up your day’s happiness.  We do that by tasting remarkably fresh–natural and […]