Best things to do in NYC this winter…

I think that cabin fever may be the easiest thing to catch for New Yorkers during the winter, especially winter 2014!  Temperatures in the low 30′s, grey skies, inches of snow followed by days of rain, it’s all enough to keep anyone hiding inside for the season.  New York City’s best iced tea wants to […]

Best of 2012: New Songs for New York, 1-5 Explained

New Songs for New York and your first official walk of the new year.  Walk fast enough to get your heart rate up–it’s too cold for the amble–but slow enough to take it all in.  This city work so well with music.  And bring refreshments.  We recommend a pomegranate apple tea.   We’ve mentioned our […]

Happy Weekend: Johnny Depp Makes Grilled Cheese and Weezer

We told you it would be even better     Better than The Rolling Stones doing a back flip?  Yup.   Here we have Johnny Depp making grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron and an ironing board and long flowing locks. It’s a meal that–dare we say–might go well with some peach tea.  Tea!  (We […]

Happy Weekend (But Comeon Sun)

Why’s it gotta be grey outside today?     New York I Love, But You’re Bringing Me Down. Maybe not a great happy weekend song, but it is a great song. That it is. An honest to goodness happy weekend image coming soon. Still, enjoy the Kermy. You can enjoy LCD, even if they don’t […]

A Picture and a Song, Manhattan

Thinking about making this a feature of sorts, but the kind of quiet feature that speaks for itself.  A picture and a song.  Listen and look and think your own thoughts.   First, Cat Power’s Manhattan, off her new album Sun:     Then:   You and your secret life.

Happy Weekend, a Musical Toast

Our new Lady New York. Graffiti, skyline, such great heights. And she’s got a dose of cowgirl in her. It’s a strange, fun, almost off-putting video. But it’s also weirdly compelling, the kinda basic, old school visuals when paired with the Now sound.  Which is about right–that’s our New York. Go dancing tonight.  Hydrate, but […]