Hercules vs. NYC

          How’s everyone holding up in NYC? Like everyone else, we’ve stopped working and decided to play in the snow!  Headed straight up to the roof once the sun came out, and brought NYC’s best iced tea with us. Check out some of the photos of us chilling our teas the […]

The Best Iced Tea, Period

Call ‘em like we see ‘em — Heart of Tea’s got the best iced tea on the block. Did we say “block”?  We meant the best iced tea, period. We know that you know that Heart of Tea has finally brought real iced tea to NYC.  We know you know because you’ve told us–on twitter and facebook. […]

Observations Regarding Iced Tea on Twitter

Iced tea on twitter is happening all the time.  Like, sweet tea is constantly trending.     And it’s not just us, the people making premium iced tea their literal (and figurative) business. Yes, we’ve got iced tea on the brain constantly.  But so do you.  As a result of our sweet tea obsession, we […]

NYC’s Local Iced Tea Takeover

NYC’s local iced tea scene just got real.   If you follow us on twitter or facebook, then you already know what we’re referring to, but this news is so nice we’ve simply got to share it twice–Heart of Tea is officially available at NYC’s Duane Reade drugstores!  The quintessential NYC pharmacy.     Our […]

Premium Iced Tea and Family

Premium Iced Tea and family–they’re one and the same for Heart of Tea.   Family is why we do what we do, why we make what we make, why we live as we live.  Maybe it’s all the family vacations summer allows, but we come back to this every July/August.  Summer is all about togetherness. […]

Cool New York Brand, Heart of Tea, will keep you literally cool.
Cool New York Brand: Heart of Tea

It’s not hubris, calling Heart of Tea a cool New York brand.  We make New York City’s best local iced tea, after all.  As in: we all about NYC and are literally cool.  Served chilled.  Refrigerated.  Intended to lower your body temperature and up your day’s happiness.  We do that by tasting remarkably fresh–natural and […]

Best Bottled Tea in NYC

We at Heart of Tea believe we’re the very best bottled tea in NYC.   It’s not a brag–we’ve earned it.  And we’re working hard to prove it.  To provide you with refreshing, homemade-inspired, bottled tea.  To brew authentic sweet tea with “larger, intact, quality tea leaves.”  It’s taken work and thought and time and love. […]

Victorian Iced Tea
Natural Iced Tea

Many thanks to BevNet for giving Heart of Tea’s natural iced tea a shout out this last week.     The piece was nothing you, our real tea drinkin followers, didn’t know already (new flavors! new locations!).  Still, we very much appreciate BevNet going out of its way to announce our brand new flavors (and […]

Authentic Iced Tea on Amazon

Authentic iced tea on Amazon?  This must be a dream.  Your dream.  Our dream.  We’re all dreaming.   And yet, here we are.  Heart of Tea is officially available on Amazon.  Meaning authentic iced tea has never been simpler (or sweeter) to come by.     Now Amazon really does have it all.   But, […]