Enjoying the Startup of Heart of Tea

People always ask, after their initial questions about our amazing tea, “How are we enjoying being a startup company?”, or “What are the biggest challenges?”.  People are fascinated with the startup aspect of business, and we feel everyone wants to hear an underdog story.  There are so many people out there with a passion and […]

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Heart of Tea World Cup Fever!

We can’t deny it, all of us over here at Heart of Tea have some serious World Cup fever!  All of us that work for the brand are fans of teams all over the globe.  European, Australian, South American, all the way up to our home town favorites, USA! USA! USA! Of course our time […]

Best things to do in NYC this winter…

I think that cabin fever may be the easiest thing to catch for New Yorkers during the winter, especially winter 2014!  Temperatures in the low 30′s, grey skies, inches of snow followed by days of rain, it’s all enough to keep anyone hiding inside for the season.  New York City’s best iced tea wants to […]

“Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.”

Now that we’ve survived the blizzard, #hercules, and bared the lowest temperatures we can remember in the city, #vortex, thispast week; it’s important to be taking care of ourselves.  The weather has been hardly “normal”, so you can imagine the toll it’s been taking on New Yorkers.  Bodies working overtime to fight the cold only […]

Thanksgiving @ The Bowery Mission

I can’t think of a better event in New York City to put a proper prospective on the true meaning behind Thanksgiving, than the Bowery Mission’s Thanksgiving Dinner.  Over 7,000 meals served out with Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Kelly, and NYC’s favorite iced on hand.  It was an amazing gathering, and we can’t thank the Bowery […]

Pictures of New York City in Spring

Pictures of New York City in spring–it’s an obsession.   Not unlike our iced tea obsession.  (A healthy iced tea obsession, mind you.)  And if you follow us on facebook, you know–we’re as drawn to sweet tea (and other #SweetTeaAddicts) as we are to photographs of NYC.  In spring and summer, in fall and winter. […]

Giving Back NYC: Earth Day New York

It’s been two weekends since Heart of Tea–New York City’s very own local, premium iced tea–decided to do a little giving back with Earth Day New York.   What a time we had.  Did you come and see us?  Did that springtime urge for sweet tea overtake you, directing your palate to a pop-up oasis of premium sweet tea? […]

Giving Back to NYC — Bowery Mission

Giving back to NYC and helping The Bowery Mission help New Yorkers.  One blog post at a time.   It’s been over a month since we last praised The Bowery Mission and their great work with NYC’s homeless population. Too long.   The last occasion to prompt a Bowery Mission post?  Their support of Don’t […]

HoT Volunteering in NYC: Don’t Walk By

A call to all our fellow New Yorkers: Come join Heart of Tea this Saturday at Trinity Baptist Church (250 East 61st Street) at 3 pm in support of the outreach campaign, Don’t Walk By!  Don’t Walk By is all about a bunch of average, caring New Yorkers, working together to keep NYC’s homeless warm, nourished, […]

HoT Volunteering in NYC: 826 NYC

Volunteering in NYC ought be easy enough, but it’s not.   It’s an endeavour.       Just finding a charity you kinda like, let alone one that’s worth your time, let alone one you feel really enthusiastic about–the kind you look forward to spending hours of your Sunday helping–can be a challenge in a city this big and varied. […]