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NYC Picnic Essentials by Heart of Tea

Now that Labor Day is right around the corner, the weather in NYC will be perfect for a picnic in the park! One of the greatest aspects of the city is its beautiful parks that break up the concrete and skyscrapers. We here at Heart of Tea would like to share with your our essentials […]

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Join Heart of Tea at NYC’s Best Street Fairs

Summer is coming and that can only mean one thing for New York City, STREET FAIRS!  It’s time for walking around in the beautiful streets, with a bottle of NYC’s best iced tea in hand, and seeing all the amazing things the city has to offer.  This week, we here at Heart of Tea are […]

Real NYC — The Pictures, The Book

You read that right — real NYC, the book.   A Heart of Tea sponsored, New York lovin’ book!  Wherein we promise to give you an authentic, compelling glimpse of real NYC, as seen from the (iPhone) eyes of local artist about town, Jackii Sovern.   A preview:   Consider this the teaser trailer. Or, better […]

Iced Tea in Brooklyn — Bboy Style

Brooklyn’s best breakdancers deserve the best iced tea in Brooklyn.  Enter, Heart of Tea.   Not to brag, but we did something magnificent with our final weekend in August.  Mind-blowingly good.  We drank lemon iced tea and had a hell of a time at the Lucky 7 Bboy Battle in Brooklyn.   Usually, you’ve gotta […]

Where to Buy Heart of Tea

If you frequent our blog, you know well where to buy Heart of Tea.  If you’re new here, bookmark this page.   We basically hold a twitter parade every time we add a New York shopping institution to our list of stockists–and why shouldn’t we?  We’re proud to be a part of the Duane Reade family, found […]

Giving Back NYC: Earth Day New York

It’s been two weekends since Heart of Tea–New York City’s very own local, premium iced tea–decided to do a little giving back with Earth Day New York.   What a time we had.  Did you come and see us?  Did that springtime urge for sweet tea overtake you, directing your palate to a pop-up oasis of premium sweet tea? […]

The Hester Street Fair

The Hester Street Fair is back and guess who’s making an appearance?  New York City’s most refreshing iced tea, that’s who.   Heart of Tea will be at the Hester Street Fair from opening day–that’s this Saturday, friends–through the fall.   Of course we can’t wait.  We’ve been longing for this all winter–sipping that sweet […]

Heart of Tribeca

Heart of Tea in the heart of Tribeca.     Happy Easter Weekend, all!  Why not start your huntin (Easter egg, peach tea) early?   Come and find us in the heart of Tribeca.   We’ll treat you to an iced tea (or two or three or case full).  Walk the cobblestone streets, explore the […]

Contest: Sweet Tea in NYC — Exploring Downtown

Sweet Tea in NYC, anyone?   We’re practically dying to share some of ours, especially with fellow observant New Yorkers.  Fellow New York explorers.  Thus, we’ve launched a friendly little contest to start your first spring weekend off right!  Warning: this is going to require some walking.  Best to grab a peach tea for the […]

Iced Tea NYC

Iced tea NYC.  It has a nice ring to it.  Tea, NYC.   As does New York Ci-tea.  Iced tea NYC, New York Ci-tea.  It’s as if NYC is begging for an iced tea of its own, right?  A local iced tea.  An authentic iced tea.  (Authentically New York, naturally delicious.)  The kind of iced tea […]