Best iced tea on the slopes, why not?

With the winter season we have been having in 2014, you’d be out of your mind to not be hitting the ski slopes!  Record snow falls in parts of the northeast have mad  the conditions PRIME for skiing or riding.  We’ll be the first to admit, we’re a bunch of ski and snowboard junkies here […]

Watermelon Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe — #BeatTheMondays

Modern NYC is a magical place wherein one can virtually stumble upon an impossibly refreshing watermelon iced tea cocktail recipe and be drinking said cocktail in less than thirty minutes.  And that includes popping down to the deli to pick up our slightly sweet, lemon iced tea and one seedless watermelon. Thank god for bodegas […]

A Simple Iced Tea Cocktail for Spring

The iced tea cocktail has a time and place.  Yes, we found a heart warming, relatively wintry, iced tea cocktail, but springtime is the iced tea cocktail’s time to shine.  Or, at the very least, the iced tea cocktail’s time to begin to shine.  Because summer is a’comin and that, dear friends, that is when the […]

A Pomegranate Christmas (Pomegranate Tea = Pomegranate Cocktail)

  It’s beginning to look a lot like HOLIDAY SPIRIT!   Guess what?  Heart of Tea, surprise-surprise, loves the red and green and gold of the holidays. The big joy element.  The enthusiasm.  The red.  The giving and the dreams come true and the family and the apple pie and the pomegranate.  Pomegranate?  You bet.  […]

Heart of Tea Invents: Cheer-y Peach Iced Tea Cocktail

  Bobby Flay did it first, the whiskey spiked peach iced tea cocktail.   We’re just copiers.  Improvers.  And you know what?  That’s just as delicious as coming first.  Maybe even more delicious–when Bobby Flay is your first and you’re using Heart of Tea’s peach tea as your prime ingredient.  To you, Mr. Flay:   […]

Happy Weekend

We love this photo. Americans in Paris celebrating the repeal of prohibition. Inspiration for the night ahead…? Strictly iced tea, of course.

First Drink: McSorley’s

Tick, tock, here comes the weekend. Time to pay due respect to some of our favorite downtown watering holes. Because after a week on the iced tea, it’s nice to have a sip or two of something stronger. Every true New Yorker knows that bars like McSorley’s at 15 East 7th Street are the backbone […]