Happy Weekend: Hurricane Sandy and Cute Animals

When life gives you lemons and bucks of water and high winds and a hurricane named Sandy, also known as Frankenstorm, and demolishes NYC’s much beloved Halloween parade and takes away your home’s electricity, make lemonade and post pictures of cute animals on the internet!             That puppy’s name is […]

New Yorkiness: The Models

It’s not really about models, although that is a thing in NYC.  Models are real and they are everywhere.  It’s neat, but a bit jarring at first–like seeing a living dinosaurs roam the West Village after only having seen them in museums.  But this isn’t models per se.  It’s about one nameless (to us) model.  […]

HoTea FM: NYFW Edition

Is there anyone out there right now cooler than Brooklynite Azealia Banks? She played at the Refinery 29/SPIN party at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg to kick off NYFW. And she turned up on time! She’s also gained the Alexander Wang seal of approval (possibly the coolest NYC designer of the moment) with this collaboration […]

Twelv Magazine: Gummy Bear Dress

As kids, the scene in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with the giant gummy bear always got us salivating. So you can imagine why this got our hearts racing. Twelv Magazine have taken edible couture to a whole new level, crafting 50,000 gummy bears into this rainbow dress that’s good enough to eat. Realising a […]