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H.o.T New Spots for Heart of Tea

Good news NYC! NYC’s best iced tea is hitting a few new shelves in your neighborhood. Check out these local H.o.T spots and pick up your bottle of Heart of Tea. Everyone’s favorite neighborhood coffee shop, The Bean, now has us on its shelves. They attract a young, cool community of coffee- juice- and iced-tea-lovers. […]

Add some Heart to your Valentine’s Day

Here at Heart of Tea, we had a lot of fun with Valentine’s Day.  Being a team of 3 men, we had to do our best to share with you some tips and tricks to keep your ladies happy through this Hallmark Holiday.  On our facebook page, we posted a great article on top dining […]

How to Deseed a Pomegranate, a Roundup

There is a good way to deseed a pomegranate.  Four good ways, to be exact.   Nature outdid itself with the pomegranate, the self-anointed best fruit ever, with its gorgeous, grotesque cluster of ruby red orbs encased in that leathery, unremarkable shell. Who would have thought? But nature’s most delicious and surprising fruit is also […]

A Pomegranate Christmas (Pomegranate Tea = Pomegranate Cocktail)

  It’s beginning to look a lot like HOLIDAY SPIRIT!   Guess what?  Heart of Tea, surprise-surprise, loves the red and green and gold of the holidays. The big joy element.  The enthusiasm.  The red.  The giving and the dreams come true and the family and the apple pie and the pomegranate.  Pomegranate?  You bet.  […]

Heart of Tea Invents: Cheer-y Peach Iced Tea Cocktail

  Bobby Flay did it first, the whiskey spiked peach iced tea cocktail.   We’re just copiers.  Improvers.  And you know what?  That’s just as delicious as coming first.  Maybe even more delicious–when Bobby Flay is your first and you’re using Heart of Tea’s peach tea as your prime ingredient.  To you, Mr. Flay:   […]


#PomrgranateAsArt That’s got to be a thing, right? Somewhere, pomegranate is being show as art. Nature is borderline incredible, amiright?  WAIT!  We actually take that back.  Nature is incredible.

Heart of Tea at Thanksgiving: NYC, Tradition, and Pie

What’s this Thanksgiving thing all about?     You don’t need Heart of Tea to tell you about Thanksgiving in NYC or elsewhere, but we’re going to (try) anyway.  Think of it as an exercise in thankfulness and tradition.   NYC is where Thanksgiving really happens for so many.  Texas, California, Ohio–the country tunes in […]

Sandy Stash

Come prepared:       And do not forget Heart of Tea (on left!) for a necessary, tasty kick in your Sandy survival kit.  Cider, water, peach tea (afternoon caffeine happiness).  What more could one ask for?  Fine, sure, we’ll throw in some peanut butter.   Love and safety first, Heart of Tea