Best things to do in NYC this winter…

I think that cabin fever may be the easiest thing to catch for New Yorkers during the winter, especially winter 2014!  Temperatures in the low 30’s, grey skies, inches of snow followed by days of rain, it’s all enough to keep anyone hiding inside for the season.  New York City’s best iced tea wants to […]

“Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.”

Now that we’ve survived the blizzard, #hercules, and bared the lowest temperatures we can remember in the city, #vortex, thispast week; it’s important to be taking care of ourselves.  The weather has been hardly “normal”, so you can imagine the toll it’s been taking on New Yorkers.  Bodies working overtime to fight the cold only […]

Hercules vs. NYC

          How’s everyone holding up in NYC? Like everyone else, we’ve stopped working and decided to play in the snow!  Headed straight up to the roof once the sun came out, and brought NYC’s best iced tea with us. Check out some of the photos of us chilling our teas the […]