How to Explore “Old New York” in DUMBO

Old New York, or at least our preferred fantasy of old New York, can be found Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, in Brooklyn’s DUMBO.   Heart of Tea’s fantasy of old New York is cobblestoned, quiet.  There is a carousel.  There are corner pubs and soupy pizza by the pie.  You have to walk […]

NYC paintings by Alexandra Pacula
Moving Paintings of NYC by Alexandra Pacula #ThisIsNYC

“Moving,” as in “full of movement” — these paintings of NYC are impossibly, appropriately active.  Paintings in motion, if you can believe it.  They are some of the most New Yorky paintings we’ve ever beheld.  Why?  Because these are paintings intended to reflect a city in constant motion, an approach that artist Alexandra Pacula has coined […]

The Best Iced Tea, Period

Call ’em like we see ’em — Heart of Tea’s got the best iced tea on the block. Did we say “block”?  We meant the best iced tea, period. We know that you know that Heart of Tea has finally brought real iced tea to NYC.  We know you know because you’ve told us–on twitter and facebook. […]

Secrets of Chinatown

Chinatown, full of secrets.  Heart of Tea does not pretend to know them all. We are downtowners, located in the Bowery, but we are not Chinatowners. This means that, as outsiders, we cannot know this neighborhood from the inside out–only the outside in.  And, as far as this pocket of NYC is concerned, there is […]