Pictures of New York City in Summer, 2013

Pictures of New York City in summer, as shot by the folks who see it sharpest, the locals.  #LocalPhoto   It’s an unconventional take, this collection.  To clarify: these photos are not unconventional in and of themselves, though these locals do have an eye for the artful.  Rather, they’re unconventional within the context of “Pictures […]

Iced Tea in Brooklyn — Bboy Style

Brooklyn’s best breakdancers deserve the best iced tea in Brooklyn.  Enter, Heart of Tea.   Not to brag, but we did something magnificent with our final weekend in August.  Mind-blowingly good.  We drank lemon iced tea and had a hell of a time at the Lucky 7 Bboy Battle in Brooklyn.   Usually, you’ve gotta […]

Observations Regarding Iced Tea on Twitter

Iced tea on twitter is happening all the time.  Like, sweet tea is constantly trending.     And it’s not just us, the people making premium iced tea their literal (and figurative) business. Yes, we’ve got iced tea on the brain constantly.  But so do you.  As a result of our sweet tea obsession, we […]