Where to Buy Heart of Tea

If you frequent our blog, you know well where to buy Heart of Tea.  If you’re new here, bookmark this page.   We basically hold a twitter parade every time we add a New York shopping institution to our list of stockists–and why shouldn’t we?  We’re proud to be a part of the Duane Reade family, found […]

NYC’s Iced Tea Instagram Adoration

NYC’s iced tea Instagram adoration is on the rise (#IcedTea, what what?).   Yes, friends, we feel the love.  And we thank you for it.  Thank you. It’s not the work of our instagrammer in residence to which we’re referring, though you do seem to heart her as much as we heart her.  Nope, it’s the […]

NYC’s Local Iced Tea Takeover

NYC’s local iced tea scene just got real.   If you follow us on twitter or facebook, then you already know what we’re referring to, but this news is so nice we’ve simply got to share it twice–Heart of Tea is officially available at NYC’s Duane Reade drugstores!  The quintessential NYC pharmacy.     Our […]