Premium Iced Tea and Family

Premium Iced Tea and family–they’re one and the same for Heart of Tea.   Family is why we do what we do, why we make what we make, why we live as we live.  Maybe it’s all the family vacations summer allows, but we come back to this every July/August.  Summer is all about togetherness. […]

Cool New York Brand: Heart of Tea

It’s not hubris, calling Heart of Tea a cool New York brand.  We make New York City’s best local iced tea, after all.  As in: we all about NYC and are literally cool.  Served chilled.  Refrigerated.  Intended to lower your body temperature and up your day’s happiness.  We do that by tasting remarkably fresh–natural and […]

Get to Know: HoT’s Instagrammer in Residence

It’s been a real pleasure getting to know our Instagrammer in Residence, Jackii.  She’s the first recipient of Heart of Tea’s Creative Fund–our way of helping NYC’s budding creatives further their art and art projects–and we must say, we couldn’t be more thrilled with her work.  But, it dawned on us, while we’ve been able to […]