Watermelon Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe — #BeatTheMondays

Modern NYC is a magical place wherein one can virtually stumble upon an impossibly refreshing watermelon iced tea cocktail recipe and be drinking said cocktail in less than thirty minutes.  And that includes popping down to the deli to pick up our slightly sweet, lemon iced tea and one seedless watermelon. Thank god for bodegas […]

NYC and iced tea on Instagram

Heart of Tea has been on Instagram for some time, but there’s never been a better time to follow us than right now.  Today.  As of this very moment.  That’s because Heart of Tea has a new friend.  A very talented new friend.     But it’s more than just friendship–we are officially patrons of […]

Best Bottled Tea in NYC

We at Heart of Tea believe we’re the very best bottled tea in NYC.   It’s not a brag–we’ve earned it.  And we’re working hard to prove it.  To provide you with refreshing, homemade-inspired, bottled tea.  To brew authentic sweet tea with “larger, intact, quality tea leaves.”  It’s taken work and thought and time and love. […]

Pictures of New York City in Spring

Pictures of New York City in spring–it’s an obsession.   Not unlike our iced tea obsession.  (A healthy iced tea obsession, mind you.)  And if you follow us on facebook, you know–we’re as drawn to sweet tea (and other #SweetTeaAddicts) as we are to photographs of NYC.  In spring and summer, in fall and winter. […]