Natural Iced Tea

Many thanks to BevNet for giving Heart of Tea’s natural iced tea a shout out this last week.     The piece was nothing you, our real tea drinkin followers, didn’t know already (new flavors! new locations!).  Still, we very much appreciate BevNet going out of its way to announce our brand new flavors (and […]

Authentic Iced Tea on Amazon

Authentic iced tea on Amazon?  This must be a dream.  Your dream.  Our dream.  We’re all dreaming.   And yet, here we are.  Heart of Tea is officially available on Amazon.  Meaning authentic iced tea has never been simpler (or sweeter) to come by.     Now Amazon really does have it all.   But, […]

More Premium Iced Tea from Heart of Tea

That’s right–we’ve got more premium iced tea coming your way, headed straight to your brownstone’s backyard.   That is, of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a brownstone in lower Manhattan.  To say nothing of a backyard.  Backyards are basically nonexistent in downtown NYC.  A New Yorker’s pipe dream.  So, instead, let us say straight […]

Giving Back NYC: Earth Day New York

It’s been two weekends since Heart of Tea–New York City’s very own local, premium iced tea–decided to do a little giving back with Earth Day New York.   What a time we had.  Did you come and see us?  Did that springtime urge for sweet tea overtake you, directing your palate to a pop-up oasis of premium sweet tea? […]