The Hester Street Fair

The Hester Street Fair is back and guess who’s making an appearance?  New York City’s most refreshing iced tea, that’s who.   Heart of Tea will be at the Hester Street Fair from opening day–that’s this Saturday, friends–through the fall.   Of course we can’t wait.  We’ve been longing for this all winter–sipping that sweet […]

A Simple Iced Tea Cocktail for Spring

The iced tea cocktail has a time and place.  Yes, we found a heart warming, relatively wintry, iced tea cocktail, but springtime is the iced tea cocktail’s time to shine.  Or, at the very least, the iced tea cocktail’s time to begin to shine.  Because summer is a’comin and that, dear friends, that is when the […]

Our Authentic Iced Tea Featured in Serious Eats!

Serious Eats loves local, authentic iced tea.  Serious Eats loves Heart of Tea.   What a perfect start to the week.  To be not just featured in Serious Eats, an honor in itself, but praised.  We’ve always known the pleasures of our real brewed iced tea, but now Serious Eats knows, too.  We couldn’t be more […]

Giving Back to NYC — Bowery Mission

Giving back to NYC and helping The Bowery Mission help New Yorkers.  One blog post at a time.   It’s been over a month since we last praised The Bowery Mission and their great work with NYC’s homeless population. Too long.   The last occasion to prompt a Bowery Mission post?  Their support of Don’t […]