Heart of Tribeca

Heart of Tea in the heart of Tribeca.     Happy Easter Weekend, all!  Why not start your huntin (Easter egg, peach tea) early?   Come and find us in the heart of Tribeca.   We’ll treat you to an iced tea (or two or three or case full).  Walk the cobblestone streets, explore the […]

Contest: Sweet Tea in NYC — Exploring Downtown

Sweet Tea in NYC, anyone?   We’re practically dying to share some of ours, especially with fellow observant New Yorkers.  Fellow New York explorers.  Thus, we’ve launched a friendly little contest to start your first spring weekend off right!  Warning: this is going to require some walking.  Best to grab a peach tea for the […]

Iced Tea NYC

Iced tea NYC.  It has a nice ring to it.  Tea, NYC.   As does New York Ci-tea.  Iced tea NYC, New York Ci-tea.  It’s as if NYC is begging for an iced tea of its own, right?  A local iced tea.  An authentic iced tea.  (Authentically New York, naturally delicious.)  The kind of iced tea […]

A New York City Sunset

This is the way the sun sets in New York City.  This is your typical, everyday, New York City Sunset.  This is where Heart of Tea lives.  In the golden place.     “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” ― Tom Wolfe

Giving Back — NYC

Giving back to NYC.   It’s one of Heart of Tea’s greatest purposes in life.  (Yes, Heart of Tea is a living organism with a beating heart.)  But you already know this.  Still, it bears repeating.  We feel it so strongly, this pull to give back to the community we love, the city that’s given us […]