Meet Your Neighbors: NYC’s Bodegas

Over the past few months of delivering NYC’s best iced tea to thirsty downtowners, Heart of Tea has spent some time getting to know NYC’s bodegas, striking up conversations with proprietors and employees and watching them in action.  Our findings?  These hard working folks have some stories to tell.  Their unique insights into the New York City […]

HoT Volunteering in NYC: Don’t Walk By

A call to all our fellow New Yorkers: Come join Heart of Tea this Saturday at Trinity Baptist Church (250 East 61st Street) at 3 pm in support of the outreach campaign, Don’t Walk By!  Don’t Walk By is all about a bunch of average, caring New Yorkers, working together to keep NYC’s homeless warm, nourished, […]

HoT Volunteering in NYC: 826 NYC

Volunteering in NYC ought be easy enough, but it’s not.   It’s an endeavour.       Just finding a charity you kinda like, let alone one that’s worth your time, let alone one you feel really enthusiastic about–the kind you look forward to spending hours of your Sunday helping–can be a challenge in a city this big and varied. […]

How to Deseed a Pomegranate, a Roundup

There is a good way to deseed a pomegranate.  Four good ways, to be exact.   Nature outdid itself with the pomegranate, the self-anointed best fruit ever, with its gorgeous, grotesque cluster of ruby red orbs encased in that leathery, unremarkable shell. Who would have thought? But nature’s most delicious and surprising fruit is also […]