Wednesday Wake Up: Deal With It

Morning Tactics for Dealing with Sleepiness  (Sponsored by Ice)   We started the day thusly: Early mornings call for peach tea.  So much peach tea.  Wake up, Senses!  Wake the hell up.  #BeRefreshed – @HeartofTeaUSA, 6 am-ish   Our first tweet of the day and, if you know us at all, you know that a 6 […]

How to Stay Warm in New York City: Hot Bath, Iced Tea

How to stay warm in New York City in January?  It’s a question we ask ourselves every year.  Right around mid-January, come to think of it.  News flash: we are technically on the other side of New York City’s coldest week of the year.  That means the cold is not over yet, not by an […]

Best of 2012: New Songs for New York, 6-10 Explained

Let’s start with the New Songs for New York playlist:   Spotify is missing The National, but it’s a complete list otherwise and one you can absorb easily as you walk East 7th.  So do.  This part of our New York list, 6-10, is the cool down.  It’s quieter.  Not that we want you any colder […]

Best of 2012: New Songs for New York, 1-5 Explained

New Songs for New York and your first official walk of the new year.  Walk fast enough to get your heart rate up–it’s too cold for the amble–but slow enough to take it all in.  This city work so well with music.  And bring refreshments.  We recommend a pomegranate apple tea.   We’ve mentioned our […]

Introducing: Take a Walk—-NYC’s Best Blocks

Take a Walk, NYC’s Best Blocks (and Musical Accompaniment), is all about moving and listening. Allow us to explain. We create, always, an end of the year playlist. (Fair, “always” is a strong word. Instead, let’s just say we’ve done this every year for the last five years.) The best songs for the new year, […]

Your Best Homemade Iced Tea Recipe, A How-to Roundup

A how-to roundup of homemade iced tea recipes, for when your winter Heart of Tea stash is totally diminished and it’s too darn cold to even walk around your apartment without fleece lined slippers, let alone leave your building.   Heart of Tea’s homemade iced tea recipe is not for sale, but that doesn’t mean you […]