Quench Every Thirst Contestant: Lisa Vigna

  A note from Lisa Vigna:   Thank you for a chance to make my NYC Dream come true! Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Lisa and I’m an attorney living in the heart of NYC—the City of Dreams!     My ultimate NYC Dream is to establish my own […]

Quench Every Thirst Contestant: Kay Zarrugh

  A note from Kay Zarrugh:   I am the mother of two terrific children. My daughter is pursuing her PhD and my son does writing and graphic work. I consider raising such responsible, caring adults as my greatest accomplishment. While I was raising my own children, I taught preschool for eleven years. I worked […]

Quench Every Thirst Contestant: Elle Briarson

  A note from Elle Briarson:     My name is Elle Briarson and I’m @FashionistaDET on Twitter. I was born and raised in New York City, the most amazing city in the world! I’m a recent widow, and mother to two beautiful kids. When I lost my husband three years ago, my world completely crumbled. […]

Quench Every Thirst: Happening Soon!

Tomorrow, we begin making someone’s dreams come true.  Help us.  All five of our dreamers are deserving and all five will soon need your votes on Facebook to make their unique NYC fantasy come true. Happy holidays, to one and all.     Love you all.   This is what it’s all about.   Thanks, Heart […]


#PomrgranateAsArt That’s got to be a thing, right? Somewhere, pomegranate is being show as art. Nature is borderline incredible, amiright?  WAIT!  We actually take that back.  Nature is incredible.

Heart of Tea at Thanksgiving: NYC, Tradition, and Pie

What’s this Thanksgiving thing all about?     You don’t need Heart of Tea to tell you about Thanksgiving in NYC or elsewhere, but we’re going to (try) anyway.  Think of it as an exercise in thankfulness and tradition.   NYC is where Thanksgiving really happens for so many.  Texas, California, Ohio–the country tunes in […]