This is not your happy weekend post

But it should still make for some happiness.   Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, 1965.  Comeon.  You love that.  We love that.  But we daresay our Happy Weekend image is even more happy-making.  It may or may not include Johnny Depp.  (It will.)  There may or may not be a song accompaniment.  We haven’t […]

New Yorkiness: Subway, roses, reading, backpack

We have so much we want to share with you.  It’s a really good problem, no?  And it makes each post feel real special, almost like a picture diary of our favorite bits of NYC.   Here’s one such favorite bit.  It’s got New Yorkiness written all over it.     Subway, roses, reading, backpack.  […]

On an Uptown Train

A damn decent shot: Goin up.   Called “Uptown A,” presumably due to a transfer situation, by Sam Horine. Instagram + NYC is a very happy marriage, making it a very happy place, making it an afternoon well spent.   Drink Tea and Love and NYC, Heart of Tea   P.S.  On a Downtown Train.  […]

Because Sports Are a Thing

Heart of Tea, we love us some sport.     Hydrate, y’all!  Also, look awesome in ball caps. Note:  This is not us picking sides/teams.  Mets, Yankees, etc.  We just love hot dogs and games and hats and NYC.  On the other hand, this is not not us picking sides.  What mean is: SPORTS.

Happy Weekend (But Comeon Sun)

Why’s it gotta be grey outside today?     New York I Love, But You’re Bringing Me Down. Maybe not a great happy weekend song, but it is a great song. That it is. An honest to goodness happy weekend image coming soon. Still, enjoy the Kermy. You can enjoy LCD, even if they don’t […]

New York Has So Much Candy for You

Racked shows you how to be the best at candy.         You know you love Halloween.  You know you love Halloween in NYC.  It is time to get prepared.  There will be candy.  You will not be dressed as a ghost.  You’re better than that.   Also, we vote Economy.  They are the […]

New Yorkiness: Candy Cab/People Really Get Happy

This piece in the NY Daily News is the stuff good days are made of.  There is a candy cab. Free candy.  As much as you like.  Always.     It’s a sad story, how this cabbie came to be giving out candy to strangers, but he’s not sad.  He’s made it his job to […]

New Yorkiness: The Models

It’s not really about models, although that is a thing in NYC.  Models are real and they are everywhere.  It’s neat, but a bit jarring at first–like seeing a living dinosaurs roam the West Village after only having seen them in museums.  But this isn’t models per se.  It’s about one nameless (to us) model.  […]