NYC Firemen on Avenue C. This Was Moving To Us.

They work so hard for us, these firemen. Especially these firemen on Avenue C. (Or, say, Breezy Point.)       This is our old NYC ‘hood, by the way.  The East Village.  Years ago.  We’re NoLita people now, but this was not so very long ago. And NYC is one giant community.  Is that […]

Hurricane Sandy NYC pictures

What a crazy day. Hope and trust that you all made it through safe. We’ll back to normal service tomorrow. In the meantime, some of the most eye-catching images from the day, straight from Heart of Tea HQ….

Sandy Stash

Come prepared:       And do not forget Heart of Tea (on left!) for a necessary, tasty kick in your Sandy survival kit.  Cider, water, peach tea (afternoon caffeine happiness).  What more could one ask for?  Fine, sure, we’ll throw in some peanut butter.   Love and safety first, Heart of Tea

Happy Weekend: Emergency Compliment, Thrills

That was our emergency compliment this morning.  One every day!  Keeps the mopes away!  (This was our first experience, but we believe in pow-pow-power of positive thinking.  Or is that (tea) drinking?)  We cycled through about six until we found the perfect one.  This one.  It was absolutely what we needed.  To feel we could […]

We really need a green thing today

It’s grey today.  Soon, very soon, it will be cold.  It always is for Halloween.       And then there’s so much busyness in this world. (And by “world” we mean “Manhattan.”)  Sometimes it feels like a lot.  Sometimes you just need to sit and stare at a green thing.  Not always easily found […]

Last Night’s Swingin Party

Well, this is a pairing:       NYC really brings the folks together, no?  It’s like an everyday #AwesomePeopleHangingOut party.  Sometimes at an actual party.  This right here is SJP and Yeezy at last night’s Maison Martin Margiela for H&M festivities, hosted at the painfully cool Milk Studios.  Le sigh.   And more party […]

Case of the Mondays: Magic

We talk about New York City a lot. A lot. And while you, our best internet mates, don’t seem to mind so very much, we do want to maintain some variety. To surprise. So we’re thinking we might start a little something we like (or would like) to call “The Mondays.” The Mondays, as you […]

Happy Weekend: Johnny Depp Makes Grilled Cheese and Weezer

We told you it would be even better     Better than The Rolling Stones doing a back flip?  Yup.   Here we have Johnny Depp making grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron and an ironing board and long flowing locks. It’s a meal that–dare we say–might go well with some peach tea.  Tea!  (We […]