HoTea FM: NYFW Edition

Is there anyone out there right now cooler than Brooklynite Azealia Banks? She played at the Refinery 29/SPIN party at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg to kick off NYFW. And she turned up on time! She’s also gained the Alexander Wang seal of approval (possibly the coolest NYC designer of the moment) with this collaboration […]

315 Park Avenue South

Looks like someone left the tap running? Before you start to wonder what kind of excuses were made to the co-op, this is in fact a promo poster for the movie Inception. The blank wall of 315 Park Avenue South acts as a canvas for high-impact advertising – and another reason to look up in […]

Photographs Of Old New York

Here are some New York City landmarks you probably won’t recognise. Because they no longer exist. See if you recognize any and a look here for the pictures of the locations today and to find out the back story.┬áBecause everybody knows that history and iced tea are a match made in heaven…