Happy Weekend, a Musical Toast

Our new Lady New York. Graffiti, skyline, such great heights. And she’s got a dose of cowgirl in her. It’s a strange, fun, almost off-putting video. But it’s also weirdly compelling, the kinda basic, old school visuals when paired with the Now sound.  Which is about right–that’s our New York. Go dancing tonight.  Hydrate, but […]

New York Is

Remember when The Gos was papped waltzing around the East Village strumming his three-string guitar?  No? Now?  It’s important that we’re on the same page. And the Internet was all “contrived!” and “pretentious!” and “WHY?”  Of course, the Internet also thought he was adorable.  But the point is, there were detractors.  And we get it; […]

You, Me, New York.

This is where we’ve been today, what we’ve been turning over and over in the ol’ noodle as we cross the streets of lower Manhattan.   First, the background music: Andy Williams as done by Ms. Hepburn:     A forever classic.  But we also owe Andy for this bit of magic as well:   […]

Di Fara, Brooklyn: New York City’s Best Pizza

Deep and dark in deepest, darkest Brooklyn, Di Fara is said to serve the best pizza in New York City. Proprietor Domenico DeMarco has perfected his art by spinning dough and ladelling red sauce since 1964 – and has never missed a day’s work. We respect that. To celebrate the news that they’re now available […]

Happy Weekend

We love this photo. Americans in Paris celebrating the repeal of prohibition. Inspiration for the night ahead…? Strictly iced tea, of course.

First Drink: McSorley’s

Tick, tock, here comes the weekend. Time to pay due respect to some of our favorite downtown watering holes. Because after a week on the iced tea, it’s nice to have a sip or two of something stronger. Every true New Yorker knows that bars like McSorley’s at 15 East 7th Street are the backbone […]