Wishing You An Awesome Labor Day Weekend

From us to you, have an awesome Labor Day weekend. To kick things off, here’s the latest addition to our super iced playlist. Just over a year old, it’s still sounding good to us. Neu Chicago – Clive Tanaka y su orquesta from Clive Tanaka on Vimeo.

Samsung Pays Apple $1billion in 5¢ Pieces

The internet is a wonderful place, especially when it comes to rumors. Earlier today it was reported that a cavalcade of trucks packed with 5¢ pieces had showed up at Apple HQ. When confused security guards tried to turn them away, the drivers said they were there to pay the $1billion fine recently levelled against […]

Twelv Magazine: Gummy Bear Dress

As kids, the scene in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with the giant gummy bear always got us salivating. So you can imagine why this got our hearts racing. Twelv Magazine have taken edible couture to a whole new level, crafting 50,000 gummy bears into this rainbow dress that’s good enough to eat. Realising a […]

Urban Farming in New York City

Labour day is around the corner and with it comes Fall. The season for harvest, we’re using this as an excuse to take a look around some of the urban farms appearing across New York City. The meeting of urban and natural that these innovative spaces offer is something that strikes a big cord in […]

Living The #HoTea Life

New York City, we’re sure you don’t need reminding but the weekend is here. And while it’s been a busy week at Heart of Tea, you can rest assured we know how to relax when the 5pm bell rings on Friday. Whether it’s sailing at the beach, polo upstate, or a morning run around Central Park […]

Know Your Tea

Now that Heart of Tea is pride of place in SoHo’s finest chiller cabinets, we want to celebrate the journey it’s taken to get there. That’s what our ‘From Seed to Cup‘ Pinterest board is all about. Because we believe a close knowledge of the people, places and processes that lie behind the raw ingredient […]

“If I Can Make It There, I’ll Make It Anywhere”

These words ring in our ears as we see bottles of Heart of Tea spring up in select SoHo stores. To celebrate, we’re adding the Frank Sinatra classic to our HoTea FM playlist. And because we’re all about that little bit extra, here’s a favorite remix of ours with another New York City great, Notorious […]

Spot Something New? Heart of Tea Bottles Hit The Shelves

Top row, center, oh yes! Where else did you expect to find Heart of Tea? We’re rolling out in stores across Soho. Initial tastings are going down VERY well. As we’re sure you can imagine, we have a bellyful of delicious iced tea and BIG smiles on our faces. If you’re in the neighborhood (or […]

$2,000 Dream NYC Weekend? We’ll drink to that.

And we are L-L-L-LIVE. The bottles came off the run at 8am yesterday morning and were in a select few Soho stores in less than 12 hours. This kind of feels like our birthday and to celebrate, we have an awesome present… for you! How would you like $2,000 to spend in a weekend in […]